Blog 2020/21

Week 3: Bex Betton, Cardiff & Vale Health Charity

It has been so exciting to join the Arts for Health and Wellbeing team at Cardiff and Vale Health Charity in the run up to Christmas! There’s so much going on around the festivities and I’ve already had the privilege to work on a range of projects.
My first few weeks with the charity have been full of learning opportunities. Since starting my internship, I have: learnt how to use new programs, written articles, submitted a funding application, played an active role in meetings, and inputed my own ideas to enhance our fundraising. The most significant lesson I have learnt so far is the quantity of work involved in fundraising besides bringing in the funding. A lot more time than I anticipated goes into building relationships, spending the finances, and SAYING THANK YOU!
Fundraising has started to become a strong factor in my everyday life; from using AmazonSmile to sending off my old ink cartridges I’ve become a lot more aware of the opportunities to donate and raise funds around me – some of which don’t cost me anything!

As my first month concludes, I am impressed by not only how much the charity has already taught me, but how welcoming my colleagues have been towards utilising my existing knowledge and skillset and embracing my suggestions. I am grateful that I have already been given a significant amount of responsibility and I look forward to continuing to develop with such a fantastic organisation and team.

Week 2: Eleanor Benson, The Aloud Charity 

And that’s a wrap for my third week!

The first few weeks has flown by and I’m feeling very fortunate and excited to be part of the Aloud family for the next 10 months. Although starting purely from home perhaps wasn’t quite what everybody anticipated, it’s been a really enjoyable and jam-packed start to the Internship and I’m already feeling settled into the swing of things.

As interns we’ve also had the chance to take part in some fantastic professional training courses run by Arts & Business Cymru on creating a fundraising strategy and arts sponsorships, all of which will really compliment my practical work. It’s also a great way to network in an informal setting, as lots of other local arts and business managers from attend. It was lovely to meet the other interns virtually and I look forward to getting to know them and sharing experiences over the next 10 months.

I’m really pleased to have got stuck into some projects for the charity already. This week I’ve been writing applications for a Tesco Bags of Help grant, on behalf of each of the 13 Only Boys Aloud choirs, for when rehearsals return to normal – so fingers crossed at least one of these proves successful! I have particularly enjoyed practising my creative and persuasive writing skills to write passionately and concisely and I look forward to developing this further with larger Trusts and Foundation applications.

I’m also delighted to have been assigned my Business Mentor for the year, Kathy Brown. I think the support network from Arts & Business and my various mentors will be a real highlight.

It’s going to be an exciting 10 months ahead!

Week 1: Greta Bettinson, Hijinx

I'm back to do it all again!

It’s been a little while since my last post, and during that time I received the fantastic opportunity to stay at the College a little while longer. During that time, the College and it’s corporate partners won 4 awards at the Arts & Business online awards ceremony, including the Admiral Business of the Year award for their partnership with Penderyn Distillery – the nomination that I wrote!!

In September, my time at the College ended, and I am now onto pastures new, starting a 10-month part-time internship with Hijinx Theatre.

Hijinx is one of Europe’s leading inclusive theatre companies based at the Wales Millennium Centre (although currently everything’s online!) in Cardiff. They work to promote equality and diversity in the theatre and film industries and are the only professional training company for learning disabled and autistic actors in Wales, as well as the UK’s largest casting company dedicated to learning disabled and autistic actors.

I am thrilled to be working with Hijinx at what is a very challenging, yet exciting time, and am looking forward to supporting the Heads of Houses (Hijinx is split into 5 Houses – Theater, Ffilm, Jobs, Academies and Pawb/Community) whilst also expanding my knowledge of into other areas. From a personal point of view, Hijinx’s ethos is something that I’m really passionate about and I think that this experience will be of immense value to my other venture: a Masters in Arts, Health and Wellbeing at USW. I’ve got my work cut out, being the only Fundraiser at Hijinx and studying, but so far so good! This week I’ve been enjoying meeting the team and some of the actors online. I’ve also been working my way through my first week targets and beginning to create a database and priorities list to identify what I need to start fundraising for!