Case Studies


Dean Langley is Operations Director at Legal & General. He was keen to work with an arts organisation to share his transferrable skills and gain a different business perspective in working for a non-commercial organisation. At the same time, the Film Agency for Wales was embarking on a big lottery bid and needed advice on project management and budgeting skills.

With a timeline of just six weeks to complete the written application, Dean was able to help the Film Agency put planning processes into place, and encouraged them to consider the application from a business perspective as well as a creative one. With the departure of the previous arts manager prior to bid submission, Dean offered welcome advice and support. The organisation was successful in the bid, receiving £250,000 to implement mobile cinema provision for a community in rural Wales, with additional training available to community members over three years.

As a result of working with Dean, the current arts manager gained increased confidence when approaching similar tasks in future and increased competency for handling funding applications. Dean gained an insight into the work of a non-commercial organisation and is keen to continue to be involved where possible as they implement this three year project.

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