Case Studies


Sing & Inspire approached A&B Cymru when the company was first set up in 2008. A partnership to deliver a pilot staff choir was developed for Admiral. Its aim was to provide an energising, motivating experience, particularly for individuals who spend most of their time on the phone. It was a huge success and the benefits exceeded expectations. Evaluation showed significant improvements in motivation, energy levels and confidence and a reduction in stress levels. With A&B Cymru’s help, Admiral committed to a programme of vocal health sessions for all new and existing call centre staff. The project engages over 1,000 employees per year and has directly led to a reduction in sickness levels, a direct bottom line cost saving for the business.

Admiral is now Sing & Inspire’s biggest customer. In addition to this, the profile gained and the opportunities offered by A&B Cymru resulted in so much work from the private sector that the arts organisation had to recruit new staff to cope with demand.

Admiral was so impressed with A&B Cymru’s work that it asked the team to broker all its new arts partnerships, benefitting the business, its staff and the wider community.

The Admiral Group wholeheartedly supports the work of Arts & Business Cymru. We use its expertise to form new relationships and working together has benefited our business, in terms of staff development, and the organisations we have worked with in terms of their sustainability. We believe that people who enjoy what they do, do it better. Our partnership with A&B Cymru is a unique way of bringing the arts into the workplace, enlightening staff and creating a forward thinking commercial business. As a company we also rely on our reputation in the local community to attract a steady stream of new recruits and A&B Cymru fosters just the right relationships for us – partnerships which would have been extremely difficult to secure without its support and organisational expertise. Ceri Assiratti, People Services Manager, Admiral

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