Funded by the Hodge Foundation and the Moondance Foundation, CultureStep is designed to encourage new investment and develop established business engagement with the arts. 

Through CultureStep, A&B Cymru invests in innovative partnerships of all kinds between the two sectors, enhancing projects and increasing their long term effectiveness. 

Priorities & Criteria

All CultureStep projects must address at least one of the following priorities:

• Arts & Kids: engaging socially disadvantaged young people with the arts, making a tangible difference to the lives of some of the hardest to reach young people in Wales. 

• Arts & Older People: engaging vulnerable and disadvantaged older people with the arts, making a positive difference to their lives, offering inspiration to people who are usually isolated from family, friends and / or society.

• Arts & Tackling Poverty: partnering the arts to improve the lives of people living in poverty*. 

• Arts & Health: working with the arts to aid mental, emotional and / or physical wellbeing. 

• Arts & the Environment: encouraging awareness of and demonstrating commitment to environmental issues through the arts. 

*Arts & Tackling Poverty focusses on people who do not have sufficient resources to provide an acceptable living standard which allows them to participate fully in society.  Projects which aim to improve the quality of life of individuals and families facing such disadvantage are encouraged.  

In all cases, the business partner must be able to demonstrate that it is aiming to:

1. Achieve business objectives not previously addressed through arts partnership OR

2. Extend its relationship with the arts in a tangible and substantial way to achieve core objectives.

Decision Making 

CultureStep decisions are taken by a panel chaired by A&B Cymru’s Chief Executive.  Members have a diverse range of skills and expertise and a thorough understanding of relevant issues.  They also have an in-depth knowledge of A&B Cymru and a commitment to its work and strategy. 

The panel consists of 8 voting members. The group meets quarterly and operates on the principle of collective responsibility.  All members have an equal voice.  The 2017-18 panel are:

Rachel Jones, Chief Executive, A&B Cymru (Chair)
Kathy Brown, Assistant Vice President, Community Investment, Barclays plc
Ian Hannah, Freelance Business Consultant
Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Director, Institute of Directors, Wales
Denise Lord, Freelance Fundraising Consultant
Samantha Maskrey
Nigel Petrie, Director, Petrie and Company
Lynne Sheehy, CSR Manager, Legal & General
Richard Tynen, Director, The Funding Centre

2018-19 Deadlines & Meeting Dates:

Deadline Meeting Date
15 February 2018 1 March 2018
21 June 2018 5 July 2018
8 November 2018  22 November 2018 
21 February 2019 7 March 2019

For full CultureStep Guidelines, please click here. If you have a potential project you would like to discuss with A&B Cymru, please e-mail