Dame Vivien Duffield CBE

The Prince of Wales Medal for Arts Philanthropy - 2008 Honouree

Dame Vivien Duffield is clearly a passionate and outspoken supporter of the arts. But she is also an exceedingly generous one; as chair of the Clore Duffield Foundation, she is responsible for gifts to the arts totalling around £6 million a year.

She is the only child and heir of Charles Clore the retail magnate, owner of Selfridges and one of Britain's most generous philanthropists. Following his Death in 1979, she assumed chairmanship of the then Clore Foundation, merging it with her own in 2000.

The foundation has supported an astonishing range of organisations, from the large, such as Tate Modern and the National History Museum through to a myriad of smaller projects ranging from the Alnwick Playhouse Trust to the Victoria Special School. She has also set up the Clore Leadership programme to deliver a vital step change in the quality of arts management.

However, this generosity is only half the story: Dame Vivien is also an astute fundraiser, and it is her energy and commitment to the bruising business of actually getting people to part with their money, as much as her own generosity, which the Philanthropy Medal recognises.

It was Dame Vivien who, in partnership with Lord Sainsbury, raised some £100 million for the new Royal Opera House. And it was she who co-chaired the long and difficult campaign to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall.
In the words of Michael Lynch, chief executive of the Southbank Centre, "She does what not enough people do: she walks the talk. The hardest part of fundraising is actually asking people, and Vivien is very good at that."