Intern Testimonials

Emma's Experience

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Izzy's Experience


Sara's Success Story

It is hard to believe that my time as a Creative Intern has come to an end. It has been a period that I will treasure forever; I have learned and experienced so much over the last six months and have even secured a full-time role at the end of it.

I remember my first day as a Creative Intern – I was nervous and had very little experience of fundraising. However, I was excited at the prospect of what the next six months would offer. Undertaking a role where I could make a fundamental difference within the organisation thoroughly appealed to me, and I have not been disappointed. Mainly focusing on Trusts & Foundations, I have raised £31,948 in the space of six months which I am thrilled about - from securing funding for our summer school programme to the development of a new website for Rubicon. Due to this focus on applications, I feel as though my writing skills has improved, leading me to consider myself a confident writer. My time management skills have also been enhanced – with so many conflicting deadlines, I have realised that it is vital for a fundraiser to organise her time effectively and be able to prioritise tasks.

With so many training courses and networking events through the programme, I believe my confidence has grown massively since the beginning of the internship which I am very proud about. The Arts & Business training courses have all been beneficial. I especially enjoyed the Golley Slater ‘Working with the Media’ as well as the sponsorship course with Rachel Jones. Each event has given me the opportunity to work on my communication skills as well as a chance to build a network within the Cardiff arts scene. Cardiff Business Club and Cardiff Development Forum events have also been useful in this light.

Being offered a 12-month contract here has been another boost in my confidence, leading me to start my full-time role as a Fundraising Officer at Rubicon Dance at the beginning of April. This is all down to the creative internship. I now have the opportunity to continue to work on my professional development. I will continue to fundraise for the organisation, but I will also work on other projects such as marketing and organising events. My first event will be our Gwanwyn Dance Day which is part of Age Cymru’s Gwanwyn Festival. We also have a Fundraiser Quiz night with The Gate planned for June with proceeds going towards our capital project. I am also going to be part of the development of the new website which I am very excited about. This is an aspect of the role that I truly enjoy – the variety of responsibilities that comes with the role. Everyday is different!

For anyone who is interested in the arts, this programme is a great way of enhancing one’s creative skills in a practical way, and that in a busy, professional environment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an intern and feel lucky to have been part of such a special programme with so many wonderful opportunities and people. Securing funding for the arts is now very close to my heart, for after all, it ensures the future of the arts in Wales. During these times of austerity and uncertainty, ensuring this future is a more vital role than ever.

A big thank you to Arts & Business Cymru and Rubicon Dance!