26 January 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 17

Eleanor Prescott, Wales Millennium Centre

Happy New Year from the Centre! I am now in the fourth month of my internship, and as 2017 begins I am taking the opportunity that a new year presents – as many of us do - to reflect on what I’ve achieved in 2016, and more importantly what I hope to accomplish in the coming year through the rest of my time here. This means going back over my objectives, planning mentor meetings to review my progress, and always considering the areas where I would like more experience and saying yes to as much as possible.

Just before Christmas, I was able to finish and submit my first couple of trust applications, and the coming months will see me writing more of those - which I am looking forward to getting stuck into as the Development team works hard on fundraising for Tiger Bay. I have also written my first project report, reflecting on City of the Unexpected… I can hardly believe that sunny weekend was four months ago.

Since I started, I have taken on a multitude of tasks and I’m starting the year with new responsibilities too – I am now in charge of compiling the guest list for our supporters lounge. This involves pulling daily reports from Tessitura that identify which ticket buyers are entitled to use the lounge on a particular performance, and a further activity report to show if there are any specific requirements that a guest might need, or to clarify whether or not a guest has specified that they will or will not use the lounge. Then I compile the information in Excel and distribute it to the relevant teams via email. This is not only beneficial in strengthening my Tessitura skills, but I get to know the preferences and names of our major donors and supporters much better as well.

On the corporate side of things, I have been attending partnership renewal meetings and getting a sense of the common conversations and questions that arise, as well as attending prospecting meetings surrounding Tiger Bay and (hopefully) watching new partnerships blossom – even potentially now cultivating corporate sponsorship by myself. I’ve been thrown straight into the New Year with more responsibility than before, but I’m loving every second of it, and am striving for success in 2017.

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