2 March 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 22

Eleanor Prescott, Wales Millennium Centre

As the weeks pass by, I’m finding myself continually challenged in new ways at work which is proving deeply rewarding on a personal level as well as a professional one. Since my last blog, I’ve been delegated corporate accounts to manage – a task which I am about to throw myself into wholeheartedly. I’ve also submitted my first trust application which I worked on from scratch – researching the trust and proposing a project match for the grant, then writing and collating all the information for the application myself. It was no small task, but all the more satisfying now that it’s complete - and will be followed now by some external trusts and foundations mentoring with Richard Tynen at The Funding Centre, arranged by Arts & Business Cymru. Without the help of Robert, my business mentor, and Owain, my mentor at the Centre, I also wouldn’t have been introduced to a new corporate contact and currently be liaising with them to scope out support for our creative learning activities.

Because I enjoy having the opportunity to get stuck into a variety of tasks, I’m lucky at the Centre to be part of a team who continually make me feel involved and set me new challenges as well as allowing me to challenge myself and supporting me every step of the way - and the support that I get through Arts & Business Cymru and my fellow interns also provides another valuable touch-point for self-reflection and improvement. This part of the internship is something I really value and I think that although my day-to-day workload is increasing as the months go by, and it can be easy to skip past mentorship - sitting down with my colleagues and feeling like they have confidence in me to take on new things and are considering valuable next steps for me to take is a big positive.  

Before the next blog entry, I hope, having been shown the ropes of account management, to be fully involved with that and introduced to the partnership contacts. I am looking forward to an upcoming event that we are putting on for our corporate supporters too. Until next time…

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