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Creative Internships Blog Week 23

Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

6 months have completely flown by and I’m now at the half-way point in my internship. I’ve been really enjoying my time at NTW, and I’m now planning my remaining months here to make sure I squeeze as much as possible into these 3 days a week. I’ve been finding it really useful to take a step back and look at everything I have achieved so far here, and what else I want to learn from the organisation. It’s also been a great opportunity to look at our fundraising as a whole and develop our plans as we make progress.

I’ve been focusing a lot on research in the past couple of weeks, making sure I’m fully prepared for the applications and projects I’m working on. I also attended the A&B Cymru  Lottery Funding training course which gave a really great background to different kinds of Lottery Funding, which will inevitably be useful in the future.

We are now in the run up to NTW’s first production of 2017, Lifted by Beauty: Adventures in dreaming, in Rhyl, North Wales. Inspired by the people of Rhyl, the production takes place across the town as a promenade style performance. The team at NTW are all busy planning and preparing for the production at the end of March, and I’m excited to see how the artists have responded to the community it’s within. 


In September, RWCMD had its first US Acting showcase of recently graduated North American and Canadian Acting and Musical Theatre students to the New York entertainment industry. RWCMD is attended by an increasing number of international students, and in response, they are building stronger international relationships.

As part of this growth of our networks in the US, I have been looking at the possibilities this holds for the Development team, and how we could further expand our network of supporters in the future. This research has given me more of an insight into the attitudes American people may have regarding individual giving. Philanthropy, especially within education, is remarkably different in the US and Alumni donations are much more widely expected than in the UK. In areas such as LA and New York, where the performing arts and film industry are prevalent, it is important for students to have the chance to network and make their presence known within the industry. This raises the profile of RWCMD, and as such, creates the opportunity to show our contacts in the US why they should support our students.

As well as this focus on our international networks, I have also been working on trust applications and research for corporate sponsorships, and working with the team on a variety of upcoming projects at the college.  In the next few months I’ll hopefully be working on more events too, giving me the opportunity to plan events for our donors and learn more about event management. 

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