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Creative Internships Blog Week 28

 Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

This past month seems to have flown by and I now have less than 5 months left of my internships! At the end of March I was able to go to Rhyl in North Wales for the NTW production, Lifted by Beauty: Adventures in Dreaming, created by artist Mark Storor. The production was as surreal as it was beautiful, and I really enjoyed seeing how it had all come together. It was amazing hearing how many people from Rhyl had told their stories and wanted to get involved, and it was so great to see how many people from the community came to see the production. This community focus within NTW’s work makes it all the more important to find more funding, and reach more communities across Wales.

In the past month or so I have been working on research for a trust application, researching further ways to diversify our income, and reflecting on the progress of our Invest in New Ideas campaign so far so we can develop it further. I have also attended A&B Cymru training courses on lottery funding and corporate sponsorship which have both been incredibly helpful, and have provided me with information and skills to apply to my work across both organisations.

Now we’ve passed the half-way point in our internships, I’ll be focusing on planning the next 4 1/2 months and how I can achieve as much as possible in the remaining time. 


At RWCMD I have been focusing on writing two trusts applications, as well as attending meetings with potential corporate sponsors and continuing with on-going research tasks. It has been great to see and learn how relationships with businesses can build, and how those relationships are developed over time. The A&B Cymru sponsorship training was really useful to bring into my learning at RWCMD, especially with elements such as how to set the price of your sponsorship, and how to match a project with the right sponsor. It was interesting to see how everyone in the training session priced the sponsorship differently, as it really shows how difficult it can be to put a price on how valuable a relationship is for both parties.

I have also been meeting with my business mentor, Anna, who has been helping me plan for after my internship. We have been looking at how I can prepare myself for applying for jobs and planning to make sure I have the skills employers are looking for. It has been useful to speak to Anna about what I would want out of a job and confirm my ideas about what I want to do next.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be submitting my applications and starting the planning for our summer events at the college! 

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