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Creative Internships Blog Week 40

Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

This past month seems to have disappeared, especially after a week of annual leave, and now the end of the internship seems to be just around the corner. Between trust applications for upcoming projects and trying to wrap my head around the GDPR changes, I’ve also launched our Invest in New Ideas Blog. The first in the series came out this month, written by an artist who NTW has worked with many times in the past. They will be written by a variety of artists who have been supported by NTW, who will explain how their ideas have grown and developed through support, both financially and creatively, from NTW.

The Invest in New Ideas campaign is fundraising to work with more artists to support their ideas. This could be through a simple meeting to help talk through an idea, funding an R&D or even a fully commissioned production to turn an idea into something much bigger, the aim is to help artists grow their work through funding and support. It is really important that we get this message across to our audiences and donors, and let them know exactly what their donations can support, and the best way of doing that is hearing it from the artists themselves. To take a look at our blogs visit our website here – http://www.nationaltheatrewales.org/invest-in-new-ideas

It’s strange to think there is just over a month until our internships are over, hopefully I’ll be able to fit a lot into these last few weeks and get ready for whatever comes next!


This past month has been packed with events at the College, including an event for Friends Connect last week, which was a great opportunity to meet more of the supporters of the College and see the students perform, and Friday was the biggest event for the students, graduation! It was also a big day for the college as it was the last graduation with Hilary before she leaves after 10 years as principal.

As well as the RWCMD events, I also worked at the Arts & Business Cymru Awards, assisting with the preparation and running of the event. The Awards were also an important moment for RWCMD, as the The Robert Maskrey Award for Arts Philanthropy was won by Ian Stoutzker, a generous donor of RWCMD. He has supported the college for many years, providing the College with the world class concert venue, the Dora Stoutzker Concert Hall, as well supporting the annual Ian Stoutzker Prize. It was great for such a valued supporter of the college to be recognised for all their philanthropy, especially with the talented students and alumni from RWCMD performing at the awards ceremony.

I look forward to see what my last month at RWCMD has in store! 

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