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Creative Internships Blog Week 1

Eleanor Prescott, BAFTA Cymru & Sinfonia Cymru 

It feels truly fantastic to be back on the internships programme for another 10 months of fundraising. I’ve had a refreshing break, but am excited now to be welcomed into two new organisations (yes two!) for this Strand 2 internship. I now reside with Sinfonia Cymru for 3 days a week, and BAFTA Cymru the other two, so expect a hefty double blog every 5 weeks from now on!

As with the beginning of my first year internship, which coincided with City of the Unexpected, it’s straight in at the deep end (my favourite way to learn!). I’m looking forward to Sinfonia Cymru’s upcoming Curate #BowDown event at Tramshed Tech on 7th October and the BAFTA Cymru Awards on the 8th. It’s guaranteed to be an intense weekend, but as a fundraiser, no doubt a brilliantly hands-on experience.

I will capitalise on this; making the most of the opportunity to understand these events inside out, scope out fundraising possibilities for future ones, and gain insight into the wider ethos of each organisation put into action. From Strand 1 I’ve learned that a great fundraiser understands well the impact of the work that their organisation does, and I believe I can convey the best understanding in my applications, sponsorship pitches and other funding opportunities through having viewed the impact first-hand, utilising events like these as a chance to go in with fresh eyes and adapt my view to that of a potential funder unfamiliar with the organisation.

With Sinfonia Cymru, my immediate focus over the next month or so is preparing and submitting some key trust applications and assisting the Director in completing others, where I am hoping to prove a valuable addition to the team with my previous experience. But I am also looking forward to exploring new funding avenues over the next few months as well, researching the possibilities of text giving and legacy campaigns, and helping put together some literature for our Friends & Patrons.

With BAFTA Cymru, my starting focus will be assisting on a couple of events this week prior to the awards next weekend, getting a feel for how the smaller BAFTA Cymru events operate – a Career Clever event which I attended on my first day (a scheme which supports those hoping to break into the film and television industry) and the Nominees Party for the upcoming awards tonight. The big challenge ahead of me in the coming months will be encouraging high-level donations, particularly attracting new members of the Academy Circle, as cultivating major donors, as opposed to corporate sponsors with very different motivations for giving, is something I have limited experience of currently, although I have previous experience of stewarding existing relationships whilst at Wales Millennium Centre. I’ll also undertake the challenge of securing trusts and foundations support, when the glam and moneyed appearance of the BAFTA’s can overshadow the charitable work which they do in the eyes of a grant maker.

All in all tons to be getting on with, and best of luck to the Strand 1 starting their internships this week!

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