17 October 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 3

Lucy Purrington, Sherman Theatre 

First day nerves are to be expected, it’s very typical to feel anxious. After receiving the guided tour, introductions to staff members and finally sitting down at my new desk, my emotions were not so typical; not what I had expected. I relaxed, as if it was my 3rd or maybe 5th day as the staff talked me through how to set up my own computer log in, email account and chatted enthusiastically about future community projects, productions and The Cherry Orchard, (this needs to be seen!)

Each introduction inspired a wealth of enthusiasm upon explaining what my job role would be as a ‘creative intern fundraising for the arts.’  It was clear that each team member held the fundraising department in high regard. And, as the days unfolded and I became more familiar with the Sherman 5 and community engagement projects, I saw why.

The tremendous work that the Sherman does wouldn’t be possible without the funds to support it. From community projects encouraging disadvantaged and disabled people to engage with workshops, theatre productions and supporting emerging talent with sponsored assistant director positions, funding is crucial. And what better way to learn the trade than to give me full access to the application process and, pardon the cliché, throw me into the deep end. I feel very fortunate to be here, during an exciting time of change as the Sherman looks to explore new contemporary ways of fundraising.

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