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Creative Internships Blog Week 5

Sioned Young, Pontio

If I were to describe myself over my first three weeks at Pontio I’d have to say like a sponge, absorbing every possible thing that I could about the centre to help propel me on my internship.  Having only just graduated from Bangor University and subsequently volunteered for Pontio numerous times, when I started on my first day three weeks ago I was pretty confident I knew all I needed to know about Pontio – how wrong was I!

It’s been great learning about how it all works, who does what, the projects and performances that have been and are on their way alongside what Pontio’s bigger mission is. I don’t think I’ve done as much reading and swotting up since my A-Levels but learning about what has and could be done in the lines of fundraising has been really interesting, alongside researching into how other organisations go about it.

With Pontio’s building not yet two years old and myself the first person to be working specifically in the fields of fundraising it’s been great playing around with a whole host of fundraising ideas not yet explored by the centre. A particular one is individual giving whilst purchasing a ticket. Here, with the support of my mentors, I’ve started setting up a Health and Wellbeing Fund where all individual donations are put towards great causes within the centre. These include BLAS after-school theatre group or Corneli Cudd (Hidden Corners), a music engagement project between young people and dementia sufferers. So I’m looking forward to the fund going live hopefully in the next few weeks!

It's been a great start to my internship and I just can’t wait now to see what the next stage of my internship will bring!

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