6 November 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 6

Eleanor Prescott, BAFTA Cymru & Sinfonia Cymru 

A month in – what a jam-packed four weeks they have been. It feels like I’ve been here longer than a month, but the time has also flown by.

Following Curate #BowDown with Sinfonia Cymru - which was a tremendous eye-opener into the refreshing programming that Sinfonia put together – I’ve had a highly productive and exciting few weeks. Beginning with preparing and submitting a couple of trust applications gave me a good grasp on Sinfonia Cymru’s mission, direction, regular programme of events and also the especially fresh and unusual projects which are in the works. Attending Curate, and one of the recent tour dates for some of Sinfonia’s more traditional programming, helped me to scope out the gaps in our fundraising efforts and where we can improve. This has ultimately led me to prepare a full individual giving strategy for the organisation, which I have presented to the Chief Executive in the last week. I am really enthusiastic about it as this is a fundraising challenge I haven’t faced before, having never prepared my own strategy or felt real ownership of it in the same way. This is a real chance to think especially creatively and explore new avenues to attract greater individual support, and I can’t wait to get started. I have also met and received advice so far from my arts mentor around this, so I am feeling greatly inspired by the opportunities ahead.

With a very different focus, my time at BAFTA Cymru so far has mostly been concentrated on stewarding corporate relationships in the follow-up to the awards. I’ve prepared the awards sponsors and partners reports detailing the benefits of working with the Cymru Awards and thanking them for their support, which will hopefully incentivise them to support again in 2018. I have done some preliminary research for trusts and foundations applications and have also been introduced to members of the fundraising team in London, who are working with us to fundraise for a programme of activity to come to Wales. I am looking forward next to devising a fundraising strategy for the organisation relating to this activity and upcoming events that BAFTA Cymru are planning for 2018. 

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