20 November 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 8

Lucy Purrington, Sherman Theatre 

Since my last blog post I’ve kept up my momentum of learning and joined the Sherman 5 Reps to submerse myself within the fantastic Sherman 5 project. To quickly sum up, Sherman 5, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, offers free membership and is designed to give people who have never attended a performance at Sherman Theatre the chance to do so. As part of my training, I’ve attended a ‘Visual Awareness’ workshop by the Cardiff Institute for the Blind prior to volunteering at both the audio described and captioned performance of The Cherry Orchard.

By immersing myself within the fantastic Sherman 5 project, I’ve gained a better insight into how the prospective plans and ambitions for the scheme may evolve. This will aid me in drafting my own applications. And, feeling inspired by the Sherman 5 ethos, I pitched a photo legacy project to its coordinator, Guy O'Donnell, utilising my background as a photographer/video artist.

I aim to photograph or support members to use photography as a means of visually explaining their journey to the theatre. It’ll provide an opportunity for us to learn from the experiences of our members, create another means of communication between individuals and invite renewed discussions about the project and accessibility to the theatre.

Aside from that, approaching Christmas, I’ve found myself deep in research mode, updating information on our Trusts and Foundations and writing my own first draft of an application. Next week I’m attending CMI Cymru’s ‘The Power of Networking’ event and the’ Fundraising Symposium’, Supported by the Hodge Foundation to improve my networking skills. Continuing my personal involvement with the arts in Wales, next week I’m exhibiting my work at Art on the Hill in Newport.

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