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Creative Internships Blog Week 13

Lucy Purrington, Sherman Theatre

Happy New Year from Sherman Theatre! Just before Christmas, I received the fantastic news that an application I had written was successful. The New Year has inspired a contemplative reflection on my progress and experiences of the Creative Internship so far. A vital part of the internship is to learn on the job, and I’ve been considering the value of experience and how small exercises can build towards improving a wider skills set. Writing the application provided me with a useful opportunity to re-familiarise myself with Sherman Theatre’s artistic direction and its significant outreach and participation programmes. From this I can speak about Sherman Theatre with more confidence at networking events– a particular area that I’ve been wanting to work on. 

As suggested by my business mentor, I’ve attended several networking events and workshops to better my skills and further my networking experience - practice makes perfect! One really useful session was hosted by Shamaine Robinson and run by the Chartered Management Institute Cymru, (CMI Cymru.) Seeing a fellow dyslexic sufferer speak confidently, knowing from experience how difficult that can be, was inspiring.

Last but not least, as a recent graduate of the University of South Wales, I was honoured to speak about my Creative Internship and the experiences I had whilst studying as part of their online Graduate Success Stories. I’m hoping that it’ll inspire more USW students to apply for the internship in the future.

You can read it here: http://www.southwales.ac.uk/courses/ba-hons-photography/2791/graduate-profile-lucy-purrington/

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