22 January 2018back

Creative Internships Blog Week 15

Sioned Young, Pontio

It was a very Happy New Year for myself and the team at Pontio as I returned to work after the Christmas break to hear the great news that my first grant application had been a success! The grant is from Age Cymru’s Gwanwyn Festival, a month-long festival in May which celebrates creativity in older age. With the money we’ll be holding a screening of a classic film, followed by a singalong session– particularly targeting dementia patients and older people who are prone to social isolation. It’ll be a great chance to bring new audiences into Pontio and hopefully work with local businesses to fund this as a permanent fixture in Pontio’s programme.

The majority of the New Year since returning to work has been focused on organising a business engagement event at Pontio for local businesses, followed by a performance of circus company Pirates of the Carabina’s brand new production: Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine on Thursday the 18th of January.

The event was an opportunity to inform these businesses of Pontio’s broad spectrum of outreach work and its worth whilst also introducing them to contemporary circus - a popular element of the programming at Pontio. I had a great time organising the event and gained some good practice in communicating Pontio’s aims and what we have on offer here to potential supporters.

The evening gave me great confidence in making a start at talking to businesses about fundraising and learning about what they’d like out of working together too.

Above all else, this event reminded me these people at the end of the day aren’t names on paper to be intimidated about approaching with Pontio’s great aims, but instead simply normal people like you and I who want to see the arts in Wales prosper.

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