12 February 2018back

Creative Internships Blog Week 18

Lucy Purrington, Sherman Theatre

Here at Sherman Theatre, we’re beating the winter blues with the unveiling of our new redeveloped foyer. After a busy month of plaster, paint and pink (you won’t miss the box office), we’re elated to reopen and kick off our Spring season with Dublin Carol. There’s a new food and drinks menu too, as well as the new-look foyer area which boasts better access, atmosphere and opportunity to utilise the space for performances. And if that wasn’t enough to brighten up those dull drizzly days, we recently won Regional Theatre of the Year at The Stage Awards in London. Being the first Welsh theatre to win this award, we’re ecstatic to direct focus onto the brilliance of the arts in Wales.

By the time of my next blog update I’ll have reached the halfway point on the Creative Internship. I can’t quite believe how fast it’s gone, but writing these regular blogs serves as a useful opportunity to glance back and review what I’ve accomplished in that time. Reading through my previous blog updates, I can trace my progress and I feel fortunate to have entered Sherman Theatre at an interesting point whereby I’m seeing successful applications made into reality.

Speaking of, I’m continuing my work on drafting applications to Trusts and Foundations and learning more about the long-term strategies of fundraising. In addition to this, I’m expanding my development in attending the Arts & Business Cymru courses hosted by Spindogs. All of which have provided a new insight into how fundraising and marketing share a symbiotic relationship.

These training sessions on social media strategies, digital content, and Google analytics have provided me with a better understanding of how our fundraising message can be utilised to direct our web traffic. I previously didn’t know what effect our digital fundraising content would have on maximising web traffic and reach of our target audience – it’s a whole new world of Google analytics, keywords and meta description tags!

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