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Creative Internships Blog Week 23

Week 23: Johnny Dawson, Hijinx Theatre

I am halfway through the internship.  The day I’m writing this was the halfway meeting, the point at which everyone involved in my internship – my line manager, my mentors, my A&B advisor, and me – all got together to talk about the internship up to this point. 

I always think I can work harder, try harder, be better.  I focus on the bits that can be improved, what I can learn from and what will make things most successful going forwards.  I don’t often think about the successes.  So, it was really nice in this meeting to have everyone reflect back to me what my successes have been.  Not only that but encouraging me to take pride in them.

So, what have I done? I have:

-          Led a successful individual fundraising campaign, for the Lesotho project.  Guiding 4 of our actors, we managed to exceed our £4,000 target.

-          Led on the application to Children in Need for 3-year funding of a new project.

-          Submitted a fair few trust applications. 

-          Singlehandedly written a £50,000 core funding bid.  The application is still pending, but I don’t reckon our Chief Exec. would have signed off on this if it weren’t any good.

-          Identified and pursued many new funding options for the organisation.

-          Helped to develop a new individual giving strategy.

-          And - still in progress - I’m leading on the small capital project to acquire a new van for the company, aiming for our target using all the fundraising avenues I can think of.

On top of this, I’ve achieved most of my targets for the internship set by both myself, and Hijinx.  We’re now looking at new ones for the next half of my time here, which I’m sure I’ll share next time.  So my big learning for this month: Celebrate the successes – it’s sometimes the boost you need!

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