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Creative Internships Blog Week 24

Maddie Towell, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

What a month!  Following on from my half-way meeting, which gave me a chance to reflect on what I’ve already done and what I want to achieve, this month has been full on.  I’ve spent a month mixing performances (I saw 4 in 25 hours this week), events, training, a sponsorship proposal to plan and then to write, and some work that I can’t mention but that I’ve spent a lot of time on!  It’s felt very full on, but I’ve absolutely loved it.

We’ve had a consultant working with us this month on an exciting new strategy and I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with her, feeding back to the team what I’ve learnt.

There was also Arts & Business Cymru training this month on Sponsorship, which was fantastic timing as I’m currently preparing my first sponsorship proposal.  It took a long time and lots of mind maps to find the College’s perfect project that aligns closely to the sponsor’s needs, but I’m super excited to deliver my sponsorship proposal with my current plan.

This month, for the first time, I organised and led an event.  Last night we had a Friends Connect Evening and with many of my colleagues unable to attend that left me all the responsibility and I loved it! Perhaps it was first time luck but the performers were easy to work with, quick to respond to emails and played beautifully and the audience had a wonderful time.  I set myself three goals for this event:

1.       Stay cool under pressure

2.       Make sure I managed to talk to as many members as possible

3.       Spend time getting to know our new members that have joined this year

And I’m glad to say I achieved all three!  It really has been a month full of new experiences, but like most months, it has been absolutely fantastic!

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