9 April 2018back

Creative Internships Blog Week 25

Sioned Young, Pontio

My half-way review just before Easter gave me the chance to fully take in the broad range of fundraising opportunities I’ve been working on since starting here at Pontio. It may be busy at times but I love bouncing from one task to another and working with all my mentors to really establish a wide fundraising profile for Pontio.

A highlight this month was receiving a copy of our new May to August artistic programme which featured a page on our upcoming relaxed film screening and sing-along session for Age Cymru’s Gwanwyn Festival, a month-long festival in May celebrating creativity in older age. This event is funded by a grant I secured back in January so it’s great to see the result of some of my fundraising work at Pontio.

Other highlights of this last month have included making positive progressive steps in establishing a Friends Membership Scheme at Pontio, finalising arrangements for staff training workshops at the centre for a local restaurant chain, and travelling down to Cardiff to learn some more about sponsorship.

Finally, a great thing about my internship is how I’m never too tied down to just following the targets set out at the start of the internship. I’ve learnt that fundraising is a balance of working on what’s needed in the future whilst also remembering to think about the here and now too.

So, when a reoccurring issue of a group’s disruptive engagement with the centre was raised a few weeks back we decided to jump on the chance to creatively resolve it. I’m now working on a grant application for a project to address the issue creatively. It’s a great chance for me to develop my grant-writing skills, work with different members of the Pontio team and get the chance to address some new and developing fundraising needs of the centre.

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