Trustees Week Newsletter 2013

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A&B Cymru’s Trustees Week Newsletter 2013
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Trustees Week exists to recognise the vital contribution made by individuals who sit on the boards of charities. A&B Cymru is joining this UK celebration in order to highlight the impact that businesses across Wales make to the arts in this area.

Sometimes known as directors or board members, trustees are the people with ultimate responsibility for the smooth running of a charity.  They are often unsung heroes, volunteering their time and working together to make the decisions that really matter about the charity's finances, activities and plans for the future.

People often become trustees to 'give something back', but there is a two-way benefit. Sitting on an arts board provides unique opportunities for gaining confidence and enhancing skills.  Individuals feed back into the workplace fresh ideas, better motivation and a wider perspective.

A&B Cymru’s role
Effective boards understand their role and responsibilities, work together successfully, and possess the right range of skills.  A board should make a vital contribution to the success of its organisation – if ineffective it will stifle growth.
A&B Cymru offers a range of opportunities for arts organisations and their boards, helping them fulfill their potential through strong and effective governance. 

Among the most successful of these is Board Bank, a scheme which places business managers with specialist skills onto the boards of arts organisations.  Prior to careful matching, taking into account skills, geography, interests and personality, individuals are trained on best practice governance. 

We have a number of interesting board bank placements currently available and these are detailed below.  If you’re interested in joining a board or accessing new board members e-mail for more information.

Spotlight on Success
In the spirit of celebrating success, we’ve highlighted a small sample of our recent board bank matches which have had a tangible impact, not just on the arts organisations involved but also on the individuals who have joined the boards. 

Stewart Spencer, Dischro Creative & Breaking Barriers Community Arts
BBAs Chairman of a small business, Stewart’s professional and personal commitment to digital storytelling company Breaking Barriers has had a considerable impact on the organisation’s sustainability.  He was placed on the board in 2012 and since then has worked closely with the staff to improve Breaking Barriers’ efficiency and develop new income streams.  Stewart also played a major role in ensuring the high quality of the organisation’s new website. 
Stewart has derived great personal satisfaction from the knowledge that he has made a contribution to the long term health of the organisation. 
He said: I have been inspired by just how much Breaking Barriers does in the community. I believe many commercial businesses could learn from such enterprises in the way they give so much of themselves in order to achieve their aims.  It is a pleasure to be involved and be associated with them.

Corrie Newport, Black Horse & Disability Arts Cymru
DACAs a Senior Manager at Black Horse, Corrie’s professional skills combined with her staunch commitment, are a huge asset to Disability Arts Cymru.  Since being placed on the board in 2010, Corrie’s guidance and expertise in staffing and governance issues have been invaluable to the organisation during a time of great change.  This support has allowed DAC to move forward in a stronger and more sustainable way. 
Corrie said: I have benefitted greatly from my involvement in DAC.  My listening skills have heightened I have a real appreciation of the diligence and contribution DAC members put in. I have been both impressed and humbled by their resilience. I also have a better understanding of the constraints of working for a charity. One of my main objectives for becoming involved with A&B Cymru was to work with a more diverse group of individuals and my involvement with DAC has given me so much understanding of disability.  I have gained as a person and I have taken that back to my business.  I actually believe this has made me a calmer person in the

Ron Davison, Gamlins & MOSTYN
MOSTYNEmployment Lawyer Ron Davidson is an invaluable member of the board of MOSTYN in Llandudno.  The leading contemporary art gallery wanted to improve its performance as an employer as well as its ability to manage the increasingly complex legal and governance requirements facing publicly funded arts organisations.  Ron was placed on the board in 2012 and since then has provided tangible support in personnel issues during a major staff re-structure, as well as practical help in the development and introduction of staff contracts and terms and conditions of employment. He continues to provide crucial guidance as a member of the Remuneration Committee which advises on MOSTYN’s performance management system, salary structure and general employment issues. Ron is also the Chair of MOSTYN’s Audit Committee which ensures that the gallery is compliant with its legal and contractual requirements.

The gallery’s chair Brian Howes said:
Ron Davidson has been vital to the re-structure of MOSTYN. As a busy professional, we are very grateful for the expertise and time given to us at a crucial stage in sustaining MOSTYN following so many changes. He has made an important contribution to the review of our many policies and procedures. Ron gives a disciplined approach to gallery governance and is always diligent, enthusiastic and an exemplar team member of the Gallery Council.

Join a Board

A&B Cymru has many opportunities for business professionals who wish to sit on an arts board.  Here are just a few of them……
North East Wales
Multi-purpose Arts Venue
Community venue with a wide range of facilities which provide a unique platform for the performing arts and cultural activities.  The venue attracts a mixture of visiting professional companies, local amateur organisations and trade organisations who hire the facilities. Meetings take place bi-monthly and new board members are sought with skills in finance, HR or fundraising.

North West Wales
Welsh Language Theatre Company
This theatre company has a long established track record of producing high quality work. It presents a minimum of three productions a year, ranging from comedies to plays and club shows. Board meetings, which are conducted through the Welsh language, take place every four months.  New board members are sought with skills in marketing & PR, sales and training & development
Mid & West Wales
Young Person’s Membership Organisation
This dynamic youth movement organises a range of Welsh language activities across the country.  The Business Development Board meets in Aberystwyth on a Saturday morning twice a year with virtual contact in between.  New board members are sought with knowledge in finance, tourism, sales techniques or IT.
Arts Support Organisation
Based in Carmarthenshire, this organisation delivers long-term arts projects, performances, public art, residencies, exhibitions and one-off workshops. The company has vast experience of developing programmes in arts in health & wellbeing, regeneration and social inclusion and aims to produce work that fully meets client needs.   Board meetings are conducted in English and take place bi-monthly.  Skills sought include accountancy / finance and general management
South Wales
Community Arts Resource
This Bridgend based organisation came into being during the miners’ strikes in the early 1980’s. The organisation offered community arts as a way of helping people document their lives at a time of hardship and great change. Today the company provides a wealth of creative programmes and services for the community using performance and visual art including digital media and film.  Board meetings take place bi-monthly in Betws and are conducted in English. Skills sought include expertise in project managing a capital project & relocation, change management and application and general business management. 
Contemporary Music Organisation
This newly formed organisation based in Cardiff exists to create new and innovative ways of delivering the work of Wales’ most talented up and coming composers. Meetings, which begin at 5pm, take place bi-monthly at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and are conducted in English. Skills sought include entrepreneurialism, digital media expertise and finance.

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